❓Installation & data volume

What is the size of the Tezos Blockchain?

The greediest mode is "archive", today it takes around 80GB There are also "rolling" and "full" nodes, with which you can launch your tezos node thanks to a recent snapshot of the blockchain. For snapshots taken the 14th of September 2020, it weighs between 474Mb (rolling node) and 4,7Gb (full node) and a few minutes to set up.

What is the size of each block?

The maximum size for a block is 512kB, with one block per minute in the Edo protocol.

How much does the blockchain grow per day?

Since it depends on the activity on the blockchain, there is no fixed value. On the other hand, there is a block created every minute and a block max size is 512kB, the maximum it could increase in a day would be 737,28 MB.

What is the minimum required hardware for a node?

We recommend the following:

  • Server available 24/7 with stable internet connection

  • At least 8 GB of RAM

  • SSD disk (preferably with more than 100 GB storage)

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